Wizy do Dubaju

Dubai Visa

Type of required visa for traveling to the UAE depends from the nationality of traveler, the purpose and lenght of visit.


 Required documents:

  • Colour passport scan
  • Colour photo scan
  • Hotel reservation (mandatory)


Online application


Approval time:

  •  2-6  working days. Waiting time depends from the applicant nationality.



  • 30 days single entry visa with insurance - 750 zł  | 210 USD
  • 30 days multiple entry visa - 1650 zł | 460 USD
  • 90 days single entry visa - 1950 zł | 542 USD
  • 90 days multiple entry visa - 3050 zł | 850 USD


Online Visa:

  • You can apply for visa online and receive an online visa - without needed to stamped your passport. You will receive a visa on your e-mail address. The visa must be printed and carried with you throughout your stay in Dubai.


UAE Visa

  • To go to the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary to gain UAE visa. This document authorizes the traveler to enter the country one time and remains valid for 90 days. Regardless of whether you travel to the Middle East in private or for business, you have to hold UAE visa to enter the United Arab Emirates.


UAE visa — application

  • Before they go to Arab countries, entrepreneurs frequently lack time or knowledge of collecting required documents. The good news is that our agency can help you establish a company in Dubai. We also provide other services, such as training related to Arabic business culture and savoir vivre.
  • To file an application for UAE visa, you need to have a valid passport. The document must remain valid for another six months. Citizens of 48 countries worldwide, except for GCC states, are allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates on the basis of the UAE visa.
  • Send photocopies of the required documents to info@PolandEmirates.com


Take advantage of Arabic market potential

The market in Dubai provides a number of opportunities to European investors. It is advisable to use its potential and prepare well for foreign expansion. Make sure the formalities do not hinder your success. We will help you apply for UAE visa, answer any questions or dispel any doubts, and we will prepare you for Arabic business culture.

Remember that lack of valid UAE visa may lead to problems on the border and prevent you from entering the United Arab Emirates.