What is a TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT (Karta Tymczasowego Pobytu)?

TRP (Karta Pobytu) is a document proving the identity and official status (temporary or permanent residence permit) of its owner in Poland.
Karta Tymczasowego Pobytu simultaneously performs the function of a visa. To cross the border, you only need to present a valid passport and the card itself.
Karta Tymczasowego Pobytu – in other words, it is a temporary residence permit (residence permit) that gives the right to be continuously in the country and formally work for 3 years. It is issued on the basis of a long-term working contract, training at a university, or reunification with the family.

What rights does TRP give to a foreigner?

  • Multiple border crossing without the need to issue and extend a visa
  • Legal employment in Poland without the need to obtain permits or labor invitations
  • Purchase and registration of real estate and vehicles
  • Free movement in the Schengen Area (you can reside in any Schengen country for 3 months in a half-year)
  • The possibility of free education in higher educational institutions in Poland.
  • Opening a company and doing business
  • Possibility to issue long-term national visas for members of his family

After three years of residence in Poland as a residence permit (on the basis of the Card), you can apply for a permanent residence (permanent residence – Karta stałego pobytu).

What do You need to get a card in Poland?

General documents on the card

  • The questionnaire for the card is in Poland
  • Four photos, made according to the rules similar visa
  • Original and at least two copies of all pages of the passport
  • A check confirming the payment of the consular fee
  • Medical insurance for the whole period of stay
  • Biometrics data (fingers)
  • Registration (this data will be indicated on the map)

Of all the documents described, insurance and a questionnaire must be prepared in advance. Specific documents for each category are also mandatory  and as a rule are the grounds for the card and confirmation of solvency

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The cost of TRP – 1600 EUR